The Journey Begins

Hello to you all & welcome to our blog, keep an eye out for new posts we will blog.

Its a place for us to write up our ideas, experiences and tutorials surrounding:

Cloud Computing,
Open source computing
& also to promote our own platform which is

First of all I’ll start with a bit of background about us and what we do, its all a good idea for us to explain what Piggybank Cloud is and how it came about.

Who Are We?

We are 2 technology enthusiast who currently work for a managed services provider as Network & security engineer’s we love what we do but also have a strong passion for anything Linux anything opensource and anything Cloud computing.

We have spent a lot of our spare time in the past labbing up networking gear and following other peoples community guides.

What is Piggybank Cloud

We always wanted to give something back to the community and also set something up of our own and offer a cloud service, so we setup piggybank cloud, the idea being it was a cheap affordable cloud platform for people, we wanted to automate everything from setting users resource, to deploying firewall’s and setting up Ipsec Tunnels.

So we came up with a portal and started adding to it, it started pretty basic but as we got more into it ideas just kept flying.
We ended up with what we have now which we intent to add more and more functionality to.

It gave us an opportunity to delve into software defined networking and use vendor REST API’s to provision network pieces, Ipsec tunnels, NAT rules and more.
The good thing about REST API’s is that they are quick and simple once you have the schema you are just passing data to a REST endpoint.

The good thing as well is that you can easily integrate these into your website and that’s what we did.

Whats next?

So that’s a bit of background on us and what we do, keep your eyes peeled and we will get some more posts out, if you have any questions etc. leave us a comment. If you get chance to have a look at our site please do and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Until next time