How to list files in a Linux directory CLI

This is a quick reference guide on how to list files in a directory on Linux Based Operating Systems.

The ls command list files and directories within a directory in alphabetical order.

root@VPS:/etc/ssh# ls
moduli                  ssh_host_ed25519_key      ssh_import_id
ssh_config      sshd_config
ssh_host_ecdsa_key      ssh_host_rsa_key          sshd_config.ucf-dist

The ls -a command includes all files including hidden files.

root@VPS:/etc/ssh# ls -a
.             ssh_import_id
..                  ssh_host_ed25519_key      sshd_config
moduli      sshd_config.ucf-dist
ssh_config          ssh_host_rsa_key

The ls -X will sort by file extension.

ls -X 
-X                         sort alphabetically by entry extension

The ls -R will display the sub-directories of the directories.

ls -R
-R, --recursive            list subdirectories recursively

The ls -l will display detailed information about files.

ls -l
 -l                         use a long listing format

To check all the options available use the help command.

ls --help

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