How to search for a file or directory on Linux CLI

This is a quick reference guide on how to find a file or directory on Linux Based Operating Systems.

To search by name – case sensitive.

root@VPS:~# find / -name sshd

To search by iname – not case sensitive.

root@VPS:~# find / -name SSHD
root@VPS:~# find / -iname SSHD

You will see that the -name command above does not return anything when searching for SSHD but the -iname does.

To search for a file or directory.

root@VPS:~# find / -type d -name sshd
root@VPS:~# find / -type f -name sshd

In the above example you are searching for either just files or directories containing sshd. The -type d option is to search by directory and the -type -f option is to search for files.

To search for a file or directory containing certain words or characters using a wildcard.

root@VPS:~# find / -type f -name sshd
root@VPS:~# find / -type f -name *sshd*

As with the previous example when searching with just “sshd” that will return results with the exact name of the file or directory. When adding * on either side of the search term this will return results any file containing the word “sshd”.

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